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Member of the Foto Club Buenos Aires (FCBA) since 1958, and Lifetime member since 1975. Several study voyages studying photography to USA Kenia China Europa Fiordos Chilenos Machu Pichu Marruecos Peru, Kenia China, Europa, Croacia

SFAF ( Distinguish Artist of The Argentina Photography Federation)

AFIAP (Excellent Artist of the International Federation of Photography)

Winner of the 2007 Foto Club Buenos Aires Ranking

Foto Club Buenos Aires: 1st. Prize Colour Paper and Monochrome annual selection 2007

Foto Club Buenos Aires: 1st. prize in Monochrome and Colour Paper Annual Selection 2009

Foto Club Buenos Aires 2010. Winner Annual Ranking in Colour and B&W Prints. 1st prize in Annual Selection Colour & B&W Prints, among several other prizes and honorable mentions


Several National prizes among which: 1st prize en Foto Club River Plate and Foto Club Tigre (Nature 2008 & 2009)

Several International Prizes among which: 2 Silver medals in SIngapur and Rumania (2009) and 2 Gold medals in Singapur and Toronto (2009)

Several Individual Exhibitions: Foto Club Buenos Aires, Rosario Argentina, Brasilia´s Senate (2010) with the Auspice of Argentine Ministry of External Affairs, Buenos Aires Photo 2010

Article newspaper La Nacion 10/30/2010:


Arrastrando algas
Foto Club Buenos Aires 2007: 3er prize: People Working
3 hindues
Clarin Newspaper: 2007: 3er. Prize Sibiu International Salon 2007: Silver Medal
Familia colla
Foto Club Buenos Aires 2207 1st Prize: People at Work 1st Prize Annual Selection: Colour Paper
San CristobalNational Salon 2007: 2nd. Prize
Several Aceptations in International Salons
comunidad samburu
Merit award 56th International Salon Singapore 2009 2nd. Priza San Cristobal National Contest 2009
me pica el ojo
Gold Medal - 56th International Singapore Salon 2009 FIAP Silver Medal Toronto International Photographic Salon 2009
River National Digital Salon 2008: Nature. 1st Prize
5 mujeres
Silver Medal Algarve International Salon - Portugal 2007 International Salon Algarve, Portugal 2008 - Photojournalism: Silver Medal
1st. Prize Annual Selection Foto Club Buenos Aires 2009 (best black and whitephoto whole year)
Gold medal International salon Toronto 2009
Merit Award Toronto International Salon 2009
vendedora de pepinos
1st. prize colour paper Annual Selection Foto Club Buenos Aires 2009 (Best photo of the year)
2 generaciones
1st. prize Colour Paper Salon Foto Club Buenos Aires 2009
2 cheetas
two cheetas en Addos´s National PArk
recogiendo ropa
Mention Foto Club Buenos Aires 3rd. Prize Colour Print Annual Selection 2010 Foto Club Buenos Aires
Encendiendo Velas
Mention Foto Club Buenos Aires
viejo en la mezquita
1st. prize Annual Selection 2010 Black and White Print - Foto Club Buenos Aires - Best photo of the year
1st. Prize Annual Selection 2010 Colour Print Foto Club Buenos Aires Best work of the year
mendigando al mendigo
Honorable Mention -Salon Condor FAF 2012 - Photojournalism
mendigando al mendigo
Honourable Mention Condor FAF 2013