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honors - 26/8/2008
International Awards
"Searching the Light" obtained silver medal in Sibiu, Eslovaquia 2007 Winner 2007 ranking Foto Club Buenos Aires 1st. Prize Annual Selection Foto Club Buenos Aires 2007 with "Familia Colla" "5 women" silver medal in Algarve, Portugal 2008. Both works may be seen in "Orient" and "India" in Galleries. 1st. Prize National Salon River Plate Club 2008 with "Festin" 1st. prize National Salon Foto Club Tigre 2009 with "La presa" "Me pica el ojo" Gold Medal in Singapore International Salon 2009 and Silver Medal in Toronto International Salon 2009 "Complacido" Gold medalIn Toronto´s International salon 2009
Dawn - 7/2/2010
Newspapaer CLarin 2009 2nd prize in the yearly Contest "Viajes"
The sanpshot was obtain in the coast of Rio de La Plata in Buenos Aires City